“Fragmented Space (Anti.Christo)” (08.-09.2017)

“Fragmented Space (Anti.Christo)” was a site specific room installation covering the entire inside of the Chapelle des Carmélites de Gray. It was executed and on view in September 2017 in Gray, Franche-Comte, France. For the work the church was fragmented with stripes of black industrial plastic foil, covering every surface (floor, walls and ceiling). Each blacked out stripe was followed by a “stripe” of un-covered surfaces, thus “cutting” through the space in rejuvenating intervalls of 1 length covered, 1 uncovered, 1 covered, 1 uncovered, 0,5 covered, 0,5 uncovered and so on, towards the churches focal point, the choir. Further more, the altar was moved from the choir to the common peoples space at the entrance of the church.

“Fragmented Space (Anti.Christo)” was part of the collective exhibition Trinitas, in collaboration with Joseph Aus Lönneberga (Sound). Documentation by Sofia Velasquez and Arno B. Auer.

“BLANK” (13.08. – 02.09.2016)

“Blank” was an ephemeral, conceptual room installation and a “three dimensional large scale wall painting created by Nils Leimkühler and Danilo Schaffer. It was created at ORi – Bar, Gallery and Project Space, in North-Neukölln, Berlin.

The art installation took over every last square inch of the space, covering floor, walls, ceiling, bar, sink and so on in black industrial plastic foil, thereby creating an exact negative form of the space; shifted (actually shrunken) by just a few millimeters.

Thereafter Danilo Schaffer and Nils Leimkühler collaboratively painted the space, in its entierty, entering  an abstract and intuitive dialogue of their specific approaches  towards wallpainting and with the architectural space and it’s functions, alike.

The finished installation was on view for 3 weeks during which the regular uses of the space (e.g. weekly literature nights; movie screenings; bar nights and community meetings continued within this entirely transformed space, without any limitations.

After the exhibition period the installation was removed, carefully making sure not to leave any traces of it; suddenly putting the space back into it’s regular appearance.

The work aimed at mystifiying the regular happenings at ORi, as well as at creating a sense of the extraordinary, the non-identical. Through it’s pure physicallity and it’s apriori to take over the whole space it calls regular norms and conventions of the everyday into question. ”

(Danilo Schaffer on ‘Blank’; 04.2019, Berlin)


“A Pill Into The Rabbit Hole” (12.2013)