Bio x Artist Statement

Danilo Schaffer (*1990; Berlin.) is a multidisciplinary artist, living in Berlin.
Stemming from an interest in critical theory, aesthetic theory and a blunt punk/d.i.y. approach Danilo Schaffer work is blending the forms and materials of painting, sculpture and digital production into an interdisciplinary art practice hoping to achieve a whole, yet fragmented, specific aesthetic. Consequently Danilo Schaffer also creates site specific spacial installations and physical performances different, yet relatable practices, that aim to achieve the possibility of the aesthetic experience in its utopian, transcendental dimension, alike.
His site specific spacial installations oscillate between the elements of spectacle and collective ritual practice, created to be experienced and interacted with; and a subtle contemplation of regular life lived in those spaces (in an architectural; social; symbolic and material sense) that Danilo Schaffer interacts with.
His paintings often have a physical and even sculptural quality (combine-painting), whilst being based in a reflection of the contemporary human condition experienced by the artist (e.g.: life in late capitalism; personal relationships and so on) an produced in relation to the forms that have been found by others; in relation to the antique drama and the classical canon and to the form of tag-writing and gangster rap, as well.
Danilo Schaffer’s work has been exhibited/his spacial interventions been executed internationally with artworks exhibited in Berlin and New York and spacial installations in Germany, France and Italy.


  • 1990: born in Königs Wusterhausen; east of Berlin, Germany.
  • 2005 on-wards: continuous painting practice [initially focused on Street Art and Graffiti; from 2008 onwards focused on painting)].
  • 2006 – 2008: A-Levels at King Edward’s VII College, Sheffield, UK.
  • 2008 – 2013: B.A. Political Science at Freie Universität, Berlin [main focus: sociology, philosophy & political (critical-) theory].
  • 2011 – 2015: part of the ORi – Gallery and Project Space  [organisation and curation of more than 50 exhibitions; 2013 – 2015 chairman of the NGO].
  • 2013: first group exhibition; “Things Falling Apart” at ECC-Atelierhaus, Berlin.
  • 2015: first spacial installation [+ ongoing practice of creating spacial installations / environments].
  • 2015 – 2018: B.A. Publishing and Art History at Freie Universität, Berlin [main focus: aesthetical theory & visual arts].